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Stories & Poems 

Most of these stories and poems have been contributed by guests of myella      

Poems By Guests
Myella Poem  By Sophie 
Myella Heaven   By Julie who was one of the longest staying Myella guests.  She made friends with Norman the calf and was the only person who could call him from 200metres away.  He could recognise her in a group of 10 people.  We still have him years later and ride him too!
To Myella With Love By Natalie, she and Kate (who married cousin Paul) loved the lifestyle
Ode to Myella   By Linsay who got to see a calf get born on the farm
Kangaroo Story  By Julie from Texas who slept in a swag outside and was woken by an animal in the night
Life on Myella  By Gabby a wonderful person and cared for the orphan kangaroos while staying at Myella. She cared for one particular whip tailed wallaby called Silma. Without Gabbyís devotion and maternal instincts the wallaby would have not survived. Here is a poem she sent after returning to Holland
Myella - There's a Place  By Catherine and David from UK who wrote this in the visitors book
The City Slickers Karen and Steve stayed a week and had been entertained by poetry, stories and singing and were saddened that they didnít have a party trick themselves, until a poem emerged..those who said these city slickers "had no talent" were wrong!
The Backpacker  written by Netta Robertson in Central Queensland at Hughenden 
A great poem about a Welsh Backpacker going outback
Myella Spell By Helen K Orchard  
Poems Written by Peter
Peter_Bush Poet.jpg (17631 bytes)
St Johns Hostel written by Peter in 2004 for a school reunion, it was over 50 years since he'd gone to school
Poems Written by Lyn
Our Agent  
Peter's 70 Years Old This poem was written by daughter Lyn for Peterís 70th Birthday Party 27 Jan 2003
Get Well Soon Peter Peter Williams (son of the famous RM Williams) comes to visit Myella in his small plane. He hit a power line with his plane and the line hit his neck. The crash hasnít stopped him and he continues to fly.
Norm To my friend Norm Cann by Lyn Eather Dec 2002
Ray Ray has passed away
Terry By Lyn Eather Christmas 2005 for Terry Embry a 50yr old downs syndrome friend who stays with our family most Christmas holidays for the past 10 years.
Harvesting Trees

Last night an Irish farmer came to visit our property.  He was asking about BIG farming machinery, so I dragged out old photos of our familyís harvesting days of the 1980ís. 


This picture emerged and I relived my short career as a teenage header driver..... [more]

To My Dearest Sister Barbara By Lyn Eather on Barbara's 40th birthday
Dear Sharon  By Lyn for Sharon's birthday 
Sophie By Lyn 
Farewell Barbara  By Debbie Smith & Lyn Eather
Farewell Fiona By Lyn 
Happy Birthday Mum  By Lyn 
Happy Birthday Rachel  By Lyn
Our Hills Hoist By Lyn 
Shane's 40th Birthday  By Lyn & Shaun George
Other Poems
My Home By Gwenda Cave (nee Torenbeek)
Happy Birthday, Lynn After dinner one night Alex read the below poem in front of us all...it is a proposal of marriage to Lynn from Scotland
White Feet  This is a the poem about horses' white feet:
Australian Terminology
Waltzing Matilda / Terminology   Australian terminology, Walzting Matilda & Cattle terminilogy.
Bull Joke 

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