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Jump Rope  70yrs + 8 skips Peter   Australia
60yrs + 103 Pam USA (5 skips of double Dutch) 
50yrs + 52 Alison  Australia


40yrs + 196 Dorte Vinjebo Denmark October 2009
30yrs + 375  Lyn Australia
24yrs + 412  Elaine Switzerland February 2008
20yrs + 547 Dave  Australia
15yrs + 75 Tinelle Australia September 2008
10yrs + 486 Leanne England
U/10yrs 448 Liam  Australia  September 2008
Rope Spinning around body U/10yrs  20 Secs  Emily Australia April 2009 
Ant Sanity Challenge 10.17m  Nikki Byer and Karl Gabriel  USA
Meat Ant Challenge
(putting hand on active nest)
 See story below 

21 mins 30 secs

Daniel Jukes


November 2011
7km Bicycle Track 14mins 21secs  Emile Vinjebo Denmark Oct 2009 15yrs old
7km Bicycle Track (Lady)  24mins Sophie England February 2008
Longest Staying Guest 9 weeks  Sophia  Sweden August 2005
Table Climb (climb from top under and over again)  3 seconds James Australia  July 2007
Killing cane toads per session 30 toads Wookey & Ben Wales & England Oct 2009 

Meat Ant Challenge 

Daniel Jukes, an eleven year old from Rockhampton, is the latest Meet Ant Challenge winner.  The aim of the challenge is to put your hand on the nest of the active and ferocious meat ants for the longest time. 

Daniel smashed the previous record of 10 minutes and the new Myella record is TWENTY ONE MINUTES and THIRTY SECONDS.  During the last three minutes Daniel laid down while the ants continued to bite him.  Daniel said, “They did draw blood but only a little bit”.    

Daniel is the one holding the bird
Daniel is holding the bird

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