Experience outback life on a cattle station - Myella farmstay is small, personal and relaxing


1.       A 10% deposit is required to secure your booking.  Deposits are non refundable.
Cancellations within 7 days will incur the full cost of your stay.


1.   A $200 deposit is required to secure your booking.  Deposits are non refundable.
Cancellations within 7 days will incur the full cost of your stay.



   Myella will not accept any legal liability for any injury which any guest may suffer during their stay. 

   Persons participate in all activities at their own risk entirely.  Myella will not take responsibility for any loss of
   property during their stay.  If you have a medical condition please notify each staff member before commencement 
   of an activity.  Persons with health conditions must acknowledge that certain activities may pose a risk. Participation
   is not compulsory.



   The rural industry has the HIGHEST rate of fatal incidents each year.

   Motor sports has the HIGHEST accident rating.  Horse riding is the 4th HIGHEST accident rating.  


   HORSE Respect horses, they have the strength, speed and ability to cause injury

   1. Wear helmet, riding boots, long sleeve shirt and trousers

   2.  A guide will check the equipment at the check point and will stand with you while you get on

   3.  Hold reins at all times, especially while getting on and off, hold reins short to ensure your horse stays still

   4.  To STOP Ė put your feet forward, shoulders back and pull the reins to your belly button.  Donít scream!

   5.  Test your ability to stop 3 times in walk before asking your horse to trot

   6.  Test your ability to stop 3 times in trot before asking your horse to canter

   7.  Keep your heels lower than your toes at all times and 70% of your body weight in your feet

   8.  Keep horses 5m apart at all times, as they may kick at each other and put you in danger

   9.  Stop and wait while a gate is being closed, riding away while a person is still closing a gate is dangerous

   10  Donít overtake riders or ride in front of the guide Ė itís safer to ride in circles at the side of the group

   11 .To turn pull the rain you want to go and put pressure on the outside leg

   12 .Be in control when entering a group of horses.  Slow your horse to a walk as you may excite all the horses

   13 .Walk horse in the direction of home as it may get too fast and in the future become difficult to ride home

   14. The Aussie stirrup buckle is different than European saddles; you may damage our saddle if you move it!

   15. Maximum body weight for horse riding is 100kg

   16. Children 6yrs and under can only ride in training area

   17. Guides carry first aid kit and emergency phone

   18. Go to the toilet before riding

   19. He who calls his horse stupid is in danger of hells fire!



o   Activities are smoke, alcohol and drug free

o   We have a safe available for storage of small valuables

o   Wash your dish for the dishwasher

o   Hats off at the dinner table - Peterís rule

o   Sorry vegetarians you donít get special meals, the meat we serve in meals is quite obvious and you should be able to see what is suitable for you without asking

o   Baby sitting is not available

o   Donít touch big kangaroos or attempt to feed them. They may scratch or kick you


   Wear glasses, hat and long sleeve shirt - Wait for instruction before cracking the whip



   1.  Wear helmet, closed shoes, long sleeve shirt and trousers Ė no loose clothing

   2.  Training is compulsory. Workplace, health & safety require written evidence of the training with grading

   3.   a)   Beginner riders practice starting, stopping, throttle control and riding skills

         b)   Experienced riders must demonstrate skills and ride in a safe and trustworthy manner

   4.   Speed limit is 35km  = Donít ride faster than your guardian angle can fly! 

   5.   Ride at appropriate speeds for the terrain!  Speeding is NOT tolerated.  Suggested 5km for corners & bumps

   6.   No passengers, jumping or racing

   7.   To STOP use clutch and both brakes

   8.   To START point bike in the direction you wish to travel and slowly release the clutch

   9.   Always ride with a buddy and inform staff when you are leaving

   10.  The 7km track takes 35minutes = Return bike after 35 minutes unless a prior arrangement has been made

   11.  Ride only on the 7km track. NO cross country riding, unless gathering the horses

   12.  Ride on the LEFT and obey ALL Australian road rules i.e. overtake in a safe manner

   13.  Do not cross railway line as you will no longer be on the farm and the bike is not registered for main roads

   14.  Keep a safe distance behind other riders to allow for braking time & dust (minimum 5 seconds distance)

   15.  Due to dust, contact lenses are not recommended.

   16.  The quad/4 wheeler is for ladies only  

   17.  Minimum age for riding bikes is 12 years old

   18.  Report all incidents so we can keep bikes well maintained.  No riding into parked cars or fences!

   19.  Two hands on handlebars at all times i.e. please donít wave to a friend if you have just learnt to ride!



o     If you need medical assistance come to the office and call out! (even in the middle of the night). 

       If you are not heard, dial the homestead on 4998 1290 on the common room phone.

o     Assemble near chicken pen in case of a fire.  Refer to map

o     Smoke in designated areas only. New Queensland law says 4m from doorways and food

o     Close windows & doors when air-conditioning is on, turn off air-con when leaving the room

o     Tell us if youíve seen bed bugs on your travels

o     No boots or animals in the room i.e. joeyís canít adjust to the wild if you let them sleep in your bed!



o     Adults must supervise children U/10yrs

o     No jumping or diving or sitting on pool edge

o     Donít swim alone between 6pm and 6am 

o     Use whistle on gate and steps to call for help!

o     If swimming without clothes, tell us so we can take photos!



o     Help prevent dehydration, drink at least 13 glasses of water daily and wear sunscreen

o     Signs of dehydration are sunburn, headache, feeling sleepy, vomiting, brain damage and death!



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