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HORSE RIDING (100kg max. weight)

Note:  Riders must be over 6yrs to leave the training
          yard.  As we care for the welfare of our horses
          we do not ask our horses to carry a person
          more than 100kg  

Before the farm stay began in 1993 we had 5 horses and we use to ride once a fortnight to gather the cattle.  Now in 2009 we have 34 horses and offer horse riding to our guests daily.  

If you are an intermediate or beginner rider we have a very safe, relaxed and wonderful style of teaching the basics.

Experienced riders are impressed with the quality of the horses, however we do not promise fast rides as safety is our priority.  We are confident that you will enjoy your ride with us.

The rides are not head to tail pony treks and the horses are well trained making the horses easy to manouvour.  Riders enjoy the fact that they can actually control their horse to move independently across the wide open fields. 

Come and ride with us and experience the vastness of the Central Queensland country side and see the farm, plants and animals up close and personal. 

The horse tours are a specialized activity and somewhat unique compared to other trail riding tours.  You have the opportunity to groom and feed your horse.  If you are a beginner or an experience rider there will be a horse to suit you.  We spend from 7.30am til 11.30am with the horses.  

… during my farmstay I was assigned to a buckskin horse called Rebel. He had a bit more go than some of the other horses (I'm a horse girl from way back and have my own horses) so I was up for a bit of fun. At Myella Farmstay everyone is assigned to horses according to personality and ability - and I’ve got to give it to them, because they usually get it spot on. I had an absolute ball riding Rebel, but even though I ride all the time I was *so* sore on day two after several hours in the saddle on my first day at the farmstay, but sooo much fun!

Between all the great farmstay activities take the opportunity to do a bit of washing, play games, go into Baralaba or go for a dip in the pool.

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"I came for a week, stayed for 3!  All three weeks have been amazing.  I've been entertained everyday by the farm life, the horses, the guides, the new guests and of course Lyn and Peter's fabulous stories and poems.  Olive, your food is wonderful.  A special place to retreat from the mobs of backpackers. 

Although I have written in a couple of years, Isis, XXXX, Smokin Joe, bob, Blaze, Whisky and Rebel have all been a dream to ride.  Honesty is too big!  I"m a true pony girl...And I'm sticking with the fact that Isis in the best pony around!

I'll miss Bob (the calf), Isis (and the other horses), and would you believe the early mornings!  I've felt like a true cowgirl over the last few weeks which was always a dream of mine, YEEHHA!!

Keep doing what you do, don't let it change.  Thanks for having me, Lyn, Peter, Olive, Shane, Renee, Kyle and Dave you've all been fantastic.  Good luck with everything.  I'll miss this place...   

Paula Edwards - Cornwall England    

A quote from Vicki.....

”Every morning we went horse riding for at least two hours. With over 30 horses, there is a horse to suit every skill level. Don’t be scared of your first ride, you’ll receive excellent instruction and guidance, which makes it much easier than you think and you are well looked after by the Myella team and also by reliable horses)!

The groups are fairly small other than most tourist horse-riding places that mainly go on prepared tracks in a strict line one after the other.  There is always something different to achieve with the horses here. One of the best features during the rides is certainly the open countryside of Myella .  Even though it is a relatively small farm for the area, it still appeared huge to me; I haven’t been going exactly the same way for once and a ride to the other end of the property (Wallaby Hill) took us more than an hour.

Apart from magnificent trail-rides, we got to know our horses and brush up our skills by saddling, feeding and grooming them each day.  Whilst out riding the farmer is also checks the watering points for the cattle and can report to the family the grass-conditions for the cattle etc.

Overall, horse-riding was definitely my favourite activity; a big thank you to Ray, René, Lyn for guiding and Ginger, Candy, Whisky, Isis, Samurai and Rebal for not kicking me off.

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