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Thank you for sending the recipe. I really like it & want to make by myself!

Please say thanks to Olive.  


Hello Aki, How are you?  Mum has asked me to send you a copy of this cake..

All the best

250G BUTTER, CHOPPED – We use margarine
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
2 cups Castor sugar
4 eggs
2 cups self-raising flour
1/3 cup custard powder
1 cup milk

Grease a deep 23cm square cake pan, line base and sides with baking paper 

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl of electric mixer, beat on low speed until ingredients are combined, then beat on medium speed until mixture is smooth and changed in colour, spread into prepared pan, bake in moderately slow over for about 1 ¼ hours, stand 5 minutes before turning into wire rack to cool 

Dust cold cake with sifted icing sugar

Carol Ellrott


Lyn, Olive and all Myella Staff

Thank you for such a wonderful time that my students from Meikai University and I had on our visit last week.
We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Your patience, kindness and generosity in spirit was much appreciated. I hope that CQU Language Centre will ask me to join you again.  It was good to get on a horse again. I was always called on when things were going to be difficult or when they were short of a man so you knew there was going to be trouble.

Olive I'll do some homework/research and taste testing on sausages and let you know. We don't eat them often so it will be a while.

Carol Ellrott
CQU Language Centre



I hope you have recovered from having such a mad bunch of people stay last week J .. How's your man ???

We really did have the most amazing time, with so many stories to share and obviously the mad video to show people !!!

Thank you Thank you so much xx

So here are a selection of photos and also a link to the video

You guys all do such an amazing Job at the farm, please send our love to your parents, and we really hope to come again xx

I am trying really hard not to do the teacher run down ha ha ha J….!!!!!!!

Big hugs and keep smiling

Becky xxx

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Hi Lyn,

I know you probably get hundreds of these thank you e-mails but I wanted to send you my own version. 

I was quite emotional when I left the farm yesterday (surprised myself) because I felt like my time there had been special. I hope I never forget riding around on the horses (even though I struggled to keep up!) and I'll miss our morning cattle chats. I would've liked to have got to know you better. You were insightful and fun to talk to.

Anyhow, thanks for a great experience and if I get any more amusing tales I'll get in touch.

All the best to everyone on the farm, take it easy 



Hi there!
On 21-5 and 22-5 I stayed at your farm, during my travels in Australia.
You might remember me, I was the one spilling the milk ;-) (sorry!)
I just came home in Holland and wanted to let you know that I had a great time with you there!
Thank you again for two wonderful days on the farm. It is one of the best memories of my holiday.
I enjoyed being with the horses and the riding very much. While we were riding I took some pictures of Shane, who told me that he was not very photogenic.
But now I look at them on the computer, there is one really good picture of him, that I would like you to give him :-).
Once again: thank you!
With kind regards!




G'day to the Myella team,
First of all I love your website. I was searching the internet for a farmstay with horses and you seem to have everything we are looking for.
We are a family of four Hervey Bay, 2 adults and two girls (10 and 12). We do love horses and our 10-year-old is horse mad. 

We are interested in a stay maybe the weekend before the next school holidays. We don't need a pick up, we drive directly to your farm. We are looking forward to be around horses and get to know how to groom, feed and ride them. We also like to take part in the everyday life of a cattle farm, feed chooks and help with the cattle (I am looking forward to milk a cow...lived around cows for many years but never got the chance to milk one ;-) )
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Hi Lyn,
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you too. I loved the stay at the farm and I appreciated the time you took for the girls and myself. Your teaching skills are excellent and we all loved the way you showed us how to ride and how to work with the horses. It was very exciting and entertaining and great to do some practice by moving the cattle and doing some games. I like your personality. You have humor, you get things done, you are straight forward and I admire your ability of "judging" us in our strengths and weaknesses. As for me, it was a very personal experience when you told me I was trying too hard to get the horse to do what I wanted it to do. I will always remember the situation with the cattle where I chased the one cow instead of looking at the whole picture to save the rest of the mob. I will transfer it into my daily life by (hopefully) being more aware of my environment. Anyhow, it was great to meet you and I learned more than just riding a horse. Thank you for that.

When I experienced you teaching us horse riding I thought you have the qualities to do more with horses. I don't mean boring riding lessons in an arena but by using the horses in a team of riders to teach the riders not just riding but also a lot about themselves. Apparently horses are used in therapy as well. You mentioned you like to work with people and I picked up your enthusiasm about it. You have all the facilities on the farm to establish something for yourself.
Have a nice and quiet evening and give my love to the family.

Rocky Special School


Hi Kelly,

We had a wonderful time, everyone is still talking about it. Please pass on our thanks to Lyn, Peter, Olive, Shane and Annette.  

Regards Lynne
Rocky Special School 



Myella is a great place where I have taken many people before, a coach tour from New Zealand my daughter’s 10th Birthday with many of her friends and their families and of course my own family and friends, they have all loved the Myella Experience. Myella cater for many kinds of functions. Windscreen O’Brien’s have taken their managers there for their state managers conference. The local Police had their annual day out at Myella. Many of the local government facilities and contactors to the area also use Myella as a place to accommodate out of town workers.


Terence & Elsa


Hey lyn!  

We got back on easter sunday.  everyone is asking us, "why are you so tanned/dark/black?"... i guess everyone here associates australia more with the cold places like sydney and melbourne and are not aware of the crazy amount of sun one can get in queensland, truly a sunshine state!   i'm glad shane sort of forced us to use the sunblock lotion before the activities! 

terence & elsa

Terence & Elsa


To Lyn,

For the memories! 

Terence & Elsa 

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Dear Peter, Olive and Lyn

Thank you all so much for having the Capricorn Enterprise Volunteers and me at Myella yesterday.  We all had a wonderful day and really enjoyed the side trip to the bridge and Baralaba.

The feedback I have received has been all positive and for the people who had not been before, it was quite enlightening to see such a great product so close to Rockhampton.

Special thanks to Shane for safely transporting us out and back.

Thank you once again


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Hey lyn! 

 We really enjoyed our stay and your hospitality, definitely the highlight of our trip so far! @ the "Rocky" airport lounge now waiting for our flight. Take care n hope everything works out in the end! 





Hi there,
Family history is a huge hobby of mine, and I just wanted to tell you that some of the information on your website about the McNiven family has really helped to colour in the rather sketchy portrait I have of my McNiven ancestors! It's really lovely that you have all this on your site, and I was able to back up some of my mother and aunt's vague stories with information from there, as well as expand my family tree sideways with the familes of my ancestors' siblings. So, thanks very much!
Charles McNiven's cousin Annie (daughter of John) was my great-grandmother. Her husband William Young lived from 1883-1950; their only child Margaret Elsie (known as Margot) was my grandma and I remember her well. Her husband John Harris (b.1909) died in 2004 at the ripe old age of 94. I never met him.
In case you wanted up-to-date information for your tree (and I see you have correspondents who might find this useful so feel free to pass this on to any of my relatives you might be in touch with), their descendants are (all living):
Ingrid Harris, b.1936, never married
 - one son, Robert William (Rob) b. 1972. Rob isn't married but has 2 children with his partner Samantha Manning. They are: Miranda (Mira) Rose, b.2005, and Patrick (Paddy) b.2008
Margaret Ruth Harris, b.1948
Spouse Richard James Bleksley, b.1950
- three children, Daniel Richard, b.1980; Sarah Margaret (me), b.1982; James Andrew, b.1985.
No grandchildren yet!
If you have any other information about the McNivens' icecream business, I would love to have it!
Best wishes,


Hi Lynn, Peter and Olive,

 My name is Annie Hayward, and I was a tour guide for Oz Exposure (Let's Trek) for 4 years. On many occasion I had the pleasure of staying a few nights at your farm stay. I was the guide who would bring my groups in their own special farm "outfits" that we would donate to you afterwards.  

I just heard on the news that Biloela is flooding. I wanted to write and let you know that I am thinking of you and all the Myella staff and family (and all the animals!) during this time. I hope that everyone is okay.  

When you have the chance if you could please respond to let me know how you faired in the storm.  

I have attached a photo if you don't remember who I am!  

Blue skies,


Di & Tony Nicol


Olive, Peter and Lyn
Cannot thank you enough for your warm welcome and our Canadian friends will
never forget your country hospitality. They absolutely loved the visit to
the 'farm'. Had a great time on Hamilton Island. Back home in Noosa. Hope we
can get to see you again one day. Check out the photos!

Di and Tony Nicol

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